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Stocks will arrive about 1-2 weeks after batch closing date.

♥ Shipping

Pos Laju: 

West Malaysia:

RM8 (1-2 clothes)
Subsequent: RM2/piece

RM10 (1st bag)
Subsequent: RM3/bag

East Malaysia:

RM10 (1-2 clothes)
Subsequent: RM2/piece

RM12 (1st bag)
Subsequent: RM3/bag 
1) We will not be responsible for any damaged or lost goods. All your items will be securely wrapped in the best of manner to ensure maximum protection.

2) Our parcel will be posted out as soon as possible.

3) Once a parcel have been posted out and tracking number have been given, we will not be responsible for the time & duration the item takes to reach you.