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Friday, February 11, 2011

Have A Prosperous New Year!

Hi dears!

It's been 2 months since we've last updated and we're absolutely sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you for all your wonderful emails on wanting us back in business!

And we're proud to say, WE'RE BACK!
With new smexy tops, dresses & bags!!

Check THIS out!

 Code: 0651
Color: Khaki
Material: Cotton Blend
Weight: 0.13KG
Size: Free Size
Bust: 98CM
Waist :80-104CM
Skirt Length: 81CM


Code: 0652
Color: Gold
Fabric: knitted gold foil
Size: Free
Length 80cm
Bust 80cm
Waist 34cm


Code: 0653
Color: Black
Fabric: Cotton
Size: Free
Bust 88cm
Length 58cm
Waist 76cm
Shoulder 38cm


Code: 0649
Material: Cotton
Size: Free Size
Bust :80-120CM
Shoulder Sleeve: 35CM
Length: 63CM


Code: 0645
Color: White & Black
Material: Cotton + Chiffon
Size: Free
Length: 55cm
Shoulder Width: 31cm
Bust: 70cm
Sleeve: 13cm (elastic cuff)


Code: 0646
Color: Black, White & Pink
Fabric: Silk Milk
Weight: 0.22KG
Size: Free
Skirt length 76CM (straps not included)
Bust 82-90CM


Code: 0638
Color: Pink & Blue
Material: Chiffon (with liner)
Size: Free
Bust: 90cm
Length: 65cm (excluding straps)


Color: 0636
Color: Purple
Material: Sheep Wool
Length: 68cm
Sleeve: 59cm
Bust: 64cm (flexible)


Code: 0634
Color: Pink
Fabric: Chiffon (with liner)
Size: Free
Wrap Bust :60-94CM
Length degree: 28CM
Bust: 82CM
Shoulder: 38CM
Waist :70-96CM
Length: 73CM (excluding shoulder height)


Code: 0635
Color: Black
Material: Chiffon (with liner)
Size: Free
Bust: 86cm
Length: 60cm


Code: 0629
Color: White & Blue
Material: +65 35 Polyester Cotton (Cotton)
Size: Free Size
Bust 96cm
Length 76cm
Shoulder: 34cm
Waist: 64CM (elastic)


Code: 6031
Color: Deep Purple (not black)
Material: Cotton
Size: Free Size
Bust 70cm
Length 81cm


Code: 0621
Color: Black & Khaki
Material: mercerized cotton
Size: Free Size
Bust: 88CM
Waist: 84CM
Skirt Length: 78CM


 Stocks will arrive about 1-2 weeks after batch closing date. We will inform you if there are any delays or early arrivals of clothes.

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